Why Should You Invest In A Warm Roof

To get the most out of their conservatory’s all year round, more and more households are replacing their traditional conservatory roofs for warm roofs. They are extremely beneficial and in this article, we’ll look at how they can benefit you! 

What are Warm Roofs? 

Warm roofs are a roof construct that conserve heat within a property, allowing the conservatory below to be at a suitable, consistent temperature. Warm roofs are insulated so temperatures are regulated efficiently. Heat captured is conserved which can then be used when required. 

What are the benefits? 

Installation and use of a warm roof is becoming more common, desirable and reliable in the UK. What can you expect from your warm roof? 

  • Due to efficient insulation, they can save you money on heating bills. Which makes a huge difference considering the current cost of living. 

  • Stable temperatures depending on the time of the year. A warm roof will keep the room cool in the summer but warm in the winter. Allowing you to get the most out of your conservatory! 

  • A warm roof uses reliable and durable equipment which will require less maintenance going forward. 

  • Due to warm roofs becoming extremely popular many are looking for them when purchasing a house. This investment can increase the value of your property!  

“Our conservatory has been totally transformed by the addition of fold-back doors, integrated blinds and an insulated solid roof. We couldn’t have chosen a better company to carry out the work. Provincial Windows were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. The excellent team of fitters were hardworking, polite and helpful - nothing was too much trouble. We have used this company before and found the after-sales service excellent. In our opinion, you won’t find better!” - Read more of our Checkatrade reviews

Is a Warm Roof for me? Next steps? 

That depends on many factors. A warm roof installation can get the most out of your conservatory, even if you believe it to be unusable during extreme heat! 

Each home is different and will have different requirements. Thankfully, we can help. We can conduct a FREE home survey and provide you with an idea of how a warm roof can transform your home and conservatory. Book your free home survey using the below form:

Alternatively, give us a call on 01342 313 766 or email the team on:

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