Which Window Style Is Right For My Home?

Are you stuck on which style window would suit your home? Do you need some help breaking down all the different window options  available to you? Look no further... 

Flush sash

This window style is characterised by sashes that sit flush with the external face of the window, creating a smooth clean finish to your exterior. 

This style is perfect if you want to match the flat aesthetic of old flush sash timber windows. It creates that ideal cosy cottage feeling. 

Due to this style sitting flat, it creates smooth modern contours, perfect for a stylish contemporary appearance similar to the look achieved with an aluminium window.


This is the most traditional window style and is typically hinged at the side. It’s usually fitted in single or double panels.

A woodgrain finish is perfect to create a warm, traditional feel to your property. 

We also offer a Georgian bar option that creates real drama, and a luxury feel to your exterior. 

Vertical sliding sash

This style contains one or more moveable sliding panels to allow extra ventilation to your property. 

They are particularly well-suited for retaining the original character of period properties.

You can add Cottage or Georgian bars to your window style to create that vintage look and ensure the features of your home stay looking gorgeous. 

Specialist Styles

When you want your home to reflect your unique character, a standard window shape just won't do. We can offer custom and tailored windows to your style. 

If you still feel you don't know which style would suit your house, visit our showroom and check out our range of styles you’ll love. You can also arrange a free home survey and discuss your plans with us in person, just fill in the form on our website. 

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