Keep Your Christmas Presents Safe In Your Home This Winter Season

Around the Christmas period, houses are more vulnerable than ever to break-ins due to the darker evenings of winter and more valuables being stored close by to windows and doors. 

UKCrimeStats states that around "December and leading into January, total crime rates reach their peak." Weekend evenings are also popular as residents are attending Christmas parties and likely to be out until late.

At Provincial Windows, we want everyone to feel safe during this festive period and know that Father Christmas will be the only person entering their house in the cover of darkness. 

Here are some tips to keep your house secure this December!

  • Make sure you are keeping any presents under the tree out of sight from the windows. It's tempting to fill up the tree with lots of gifts, but if you can see this from the streets, it could invite intruders to target your property. 
  • If you are purchasing any valuables and expensive gifts, make sure to dispose of any excess packaging discreetly and don't leave large boxes and branded packaging outside your house. 
  • If you are giving any money in cash for Christmas, remember to keep this either in a secure safe or in the bank until you want to gift it. This is one of the easiest things an intruder can take if they enter your home. 
  • Make sure you are using advanced locking mechanisms on both windows and doors. 23% of intruders use first-floor windows to access homes, and 43% use the front door (Reader's Digest). 

Using these tips, and with some help from Provincial Windows, we can help keep you safe this Christmas. At Provincial Windows, we provide locking systems, such as the Ultion Lock, which provides double lockdown protection. In this lock, 2 hardened SS630 pins fire making it virtually impossible to gain entrance. Twenty hardened drill defences also make it very difficult to drill through the lock. 

We can also update or install new double glazed windows on your property.  Ensuring your windows are all double glazed is really important this Christmas as double glazed glass is harder to break, more secure, and twice as tough as single glazed. With an additional pane of glass, there is more security to defend your home. 

This Christmas, know Provincial Windows will keep your windows and doors as secure as they can be. Call us on 01342 313 766 if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation appointment.

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